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Rainy Day is my alter ego. She is the little angel that sits on one shoulder and whispers in my ear to forgo that 6" piece of triple chocolate fudge with the four scoops of ice cream on it; she is also the little devil who sits on my other shoulder and convinces me that I can eat just one bite of each and be satisfied, and then laughs with such great abandon when in fact, I eat the whole thing, she falls off my shoulder. Mostly, Rainy Day helps me see the humor in living and, mostly, she encourages me down the right path. Not necessarily the straight and narrow one (how fun is that?) but the path that offers the most adventure and fun.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rainy Day wants to know: What is it???

What is this 'mortar and pestle' called? What is it used for? And why does she have it? Oh, wait, she knows why she has it – she bought it at a garage sale several years ago for twenty-five cents from someone who also didn't know what it was, or was for, and hoped she could solve the great mystery. She couldn't.

As you can see, it's just a smidge over seven inches long, including pestle, and an inch wide. It's cute. But what is it? The inside is smooth, so it must be used for crushing rather than grinding?

She's taken it into various Kitchen Stores, and no one has a clue. They look at it, then at Rainy Day, then stare blankly into the void and shrug their shoulders, repeating the same mantra, "I dunno. Good luck on finding out."

It seems a labor intensive way to get cranberry juice, one berry at a time. With the spout, Rainy Day thinks it looks more like it's for liquid whatevers than dry whatevers. But, maybe it's for crushing dry stuff and then carefully pouring?

If you know what it is and what it's for, would you be so kind as to tell Rainy Day? Please. Pretty please.

Oh, one more thing, it was made in Japan and the back of the mortar, near the bottom has two wee teensy 'feet' to keep it from rolling around, and the top has a hole for a hook or nail.

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