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Rainy Day is my alter ego. She is the little angel that sits on one shoulder and whispers in my ear to forgo that 6" piece of triple chocolate fudge with the four scoops of ice cream on it; she is also the little devil who sits on my other shoulder and convinces me that I can eat just one bite of each and be satisfied, and then laughs with such great abandon when in fact, I eat the whole thing, she falls off my shoulder. Mostly, Rainy Day helps me see the humor in living and, mostly, she encourages me down the right path. Not necessarily the straight and narrow one (how fun is that?) but the path that offers the most adventure and fun.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rainy Day and the Bestest Ever thanksgiving Dinners

Many years ago, Rainy Day and her Dearly Beloved spent all day preparing a Thanksgiving Feast. There was enough food to feed the entire Batallion! Imagine the surprise when Rainy D, her Dearly Beloved, and their two children sat at the table, and all that lovingly prepared food didn't suit anyone's taste! The kids ate because they were starving, but they didn't eat much. The turkey was dry, the vegetables over cooked, this was bland, and that was too spicy; if you can think of an excuse to not eat something, believe Rainy Day when she says she's heard it before.

The best thing about that Thanksgiving is it ended without bloodshed.
Fried Tofu, Spring Rolls, Chicken Satay

The next Thanksgiving, Dearly Beloved told Rainy Day not to bother with shopping, as he had Thanksgiving handled. Dearly Beloved 'handled' lots of things, and not always to the liking of Rainy Day, or their children. However, Rainy Day had peanut butter and jelly on hand.

Thanksgiving Day arrived. And nary a turkey nor a ham to be found in the house. Hmmmmmm??????? Breakfast came and went, lunch came and went, and nary a sweet potato graced the oven. Not even a package of Hawaiian rolls on the kitchen counter! Hmmmmmmm???????

Turn Computer on side to see BBQ Honey Duck
"Okay, everyone in the car!" Dearly Beloved yelled his summons and into the car everyone piled. Dearly Beloved drove to a restaurant. Number One Daughter ordered shrimp off the menu, Number One Son ordered a cheeseburger, Dearly Beloved and Rainy Day went through the buffet line – he ate perfectly prepared turkey, and she ate wonderful ham. Everyone ate what he or she wanted to eat, not what he or she had to eat, and Rainy Day didn't have to clean the kitchen afterwards! Oh, the thrill of a Thanksgiving Feast was, at last, realized!

Phd Khee Mao Hong Kong & Thai Tea
Thus began Rainy Day's tradition of dining out on Thanksgiving Day. True, there is no turkey for Rainy Day to pick at for three months, which is fine by Rainy Day as she isn't all that fond of turkey. True, there is no left over mincemeat pie to add 36 pounds to Rainy Day's more than ample girth. But, most importantly, THERE IS NO MESS TO CLEAN when the meal is over and everyone else is napping or watching the television!

So, while you, Gentle Reader, planned your Thanksgiving Feast, drew up complicated time tables of when to prepare what in order to get it all to the table at the same time, while you, most Gentle of Readers, sat at a board groaning with a surfeit of food and ate entirely more than you planned, know that Rainy Day found a great Thai Restaurant that was open and serving from the menu! While you sat at said groaning board, with your family gathered around, Rainy Day did likewise. It's just that her table wasn't groaning, and Dearly Beloved is no longer included. Rainy Day didn't slave in a hot kitchen for hours and days ahead of time. She paid the chef at Thai Garden to slave. She paid the waiter at Thai Garden to bring the food, and to clear the table.
Number One Daughter & Number One Waiter!

Best Thai Chef in the World!
Yes, Rainy Day and her friend had BBQ Honey duck with spring rolls, fried tofu, and chicken satay appetizers, for dinner. She was served an amount that was perfect – there was even a bit left over to come home in a box to be devoured later. Number One Daughter had Pad Khee Mau Hong Kong. All were sufficiently suffonsified at the end of their meal and all took boxes of leftover delights home for later.

And, when Rainy Day got home, there was no mess to clean. No 57 bowls of stuff to be carefully balanced in the refrigerator. No 8,264 dishes, with correspondingly high numbers of silverware, to wash. And Rainy Day was truly Thankful for all the restaurants and their staff who forfeited their traditional, family Thanksgiving for her and others. To all those who worked on Thanksgiving so those of us who don't want to cook the feast but can still enjoy it, Rainy Day shouts out, "Thank You each and everyone one!"
Best Thai Chef and Best Support Husband;-)

Rainy Day hopes your Thanksgiving Feast was exactly what you wanted it to be, and that you enjoyed it tremendously. Rainy Day certainly enjoyed hers at the Thai Garden Restaurant!! She also recommends any time you are in Kennewick, and looking for a good meal, you, too, go to the Thai Garden! And if you are new to Thai food, this is the place to get introduced. Talk to the waiter, he'll help you decide what to order.

And what was your bestest ever Thanksgiving Dinner, and why?

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