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Monday, May 19, 2014

Yet Another Detour -- via Hong Kong

Lenora, the soon-to-be-(in)famous Author

Yes, yet another detour from the story of Madame Dorion (if you don't like all these detours, please feel free to buy the book and find out what happens next ;-)

My first published novel, My Adventures as Brother Rat, marketed primarily as a Young Adult novel, has been looking for another home. Sam's Dot Publishing originally published Brother Rat, but Sam's Dot is no longer alive and well, and at best it was a small, albeit quite good, indie publisher.  Sam's Dot had many followers with the books and magazines, and Rat was quite happy there, as were Jiang Li: Warrior Woman of Yueh, and Yadh, the Ugly.

Now, however, Brother Rat wants to move out of her box, and into the world at large. On the advice of friends who have published, and published with overseas agents, I queried an agent in Hong Kong. After all, it makes sense to me – Bother Rat lives in Ancient China. And, today, Agent Kelly and I have agreed to work together. So far, it's a "verbal" agreement, as I just received the "Agreement Between Author and Literary Agent" which I need to read carefully, sign, and return via scanning and email ;-) But it looks like I'm finally going to be allowed to play with the Big Kids! Wheeeee.....!!!!!

The biggest, and most forceful, push came from my friend Jo Alkemade, who wrote the novel, Belonging in Africa. She greatly encouraged me to look for an agent in Asia since 5 of my completed novels and novellas take place in China. It took a while to find one, but it appears I now have an agent in Hong Kong. Or will as soon as I sign and return the Agreement.

Of course, when the Big Kids let you come in and play, they expect you to play by their rules. I'm not sure what this will do to my life (I have a life?) for a while, as she wants some edits done to Rat, and she wants them done ASAP after I receive them ;-) However, I am, to put it extremely mildly and with as much blandness as I can find, EXTREMELY EXCITED!!!

Next week, I promise, we'll get back to Marie and her trek across the country. In the meantime, I'm going to bounce off the walls for a while ;-)

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