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Rainy Day is my alter ego. She is the little angel that sits on one shoulder and whispers in my ear to forgo that 6" piece of triple chocolate fudge with the four scoops of ice cream on it; she is also the little devil who sits on my other shoulder and convinces me that I can eat just one bite of each and be satisfied, and then laughs with such great abandon when in fact, I eat the whole thing, she falls off my shoulder. Mostly, Rainy Day helps me see the humor in living and, mostly, she encourages me down the right path. Not necessarily the straight and narrow one (how fun is that?) but the path that offers the most adventure and fun.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rainy Day and Her Books

Rainy Day has been single for many years. There are reasons for this state of singlehood, and though Rainy Day prefers it, she is not recommending it for everyone. However, Rainy Day thinks husbands are too demanding. The expect things. Like breakfast before going to work, or on an early morning golf date with the boys, or a weekend fishing expedition. They further expect dinner when breakfast should be served.

Rainy Day does not like mornings. She thinks they should be avoided at all costs. In fact, if she never saw one for the rest of her life, she would be confident she had not only reached Heaven, but Heaven on Earth!

Rainy Day is also a curious person. She loves questions like, "Why?" or "How?", she wants to know why things work the way they do, how come they grow that way, not some other way, what would happen if? Husbands get tired of those questions.

Low stacks
To that end, Rainy Day is a bibliophile. Her eclectic collection of several hundred books has been trimmed somewhat by moving across country twice, but she still has books scattered all over her home. She calls her home "The Worm's Hole"—a name too many men associate with fish bait, a name she associates with books. Men, she found out, are not normally readers. Well, not of books she reads, anyhow.

Those few men she has known through the years who do read, tend more toward fishing or golfing magazines. They do not read history books, or science fiction or fantasy books, or memoir, or any of the other books Rainy Day would have a hard time living without.

And men seem to be just a tad bit narrow-minded when it comes to housecleaning. They seem to think Rainy Day has nothing better to do all day, especially now that she is retired, than to clean house. She does clean house. She now and then moves a stack of books from one room to the other. Or, if she has finished a book, it goes from one stack to another. She has lots of things better to do – read books, write books or stories, quilt, take pictures.
more books

Rainy Day is perfectly happy with books stacked on the floor, on tables, on shelves, in the bathroom, in the bedroom (where they are also spread around on her bed), in the living room, kitchen, sun room. There is not a room in Rainy Day's house that does not have books!

Men can be very narrow-minded at times. Rainy Day, as you my Gentle Readers know, is not narrow-minded—except when it comes to bigots and narrow-minded people. But she shall not sully her dainty little fingers by typing about those kinds of people.

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