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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rainy Day, the Book Launch, and a Suggested Winter Gift List

Before going to our regularly scheduled column, Rainy Day absolutely must interrupt for just a minute, or perhaps, three. You see, a very special and wonderfully nice thing happened to Rainy Day this past Monday, and she absolutely must share. Rainy Day had lunch with a friend at P. F. Chang's Chinese Bistro (one of Rainy Day's favoritest places;-) and she wore her Vietnam Women's Memorial tee shirt. Jennifer, a lady who works at P. F. Chang's complimented Rainy Day on the shirt and a short conversation ensued. When Jennifer found out Rainy Day was a Vietnam Era Vet of the Women's Army Corps, Jennifer not only thanked her for her service, but she bought Rainy Day's lunch, too! Rainy Day had been thanked before, but no one ever bought her lunch for her time in Service. Rainy Day thinks any company who honors our Vets, such as P. F. Chang's should be patronized and supported. And she thanks P. F. Chang's for hiring people like Jennifer and supporting our Vets.

You are now returned to our regularly scheduled verbiage:-)

Now, you might be thinking from the title above, that Rainy Day has yet another book out. Don't be thinking that. Rainy Day only has 3 books out (see right side of blog); however, her friend Karen Fisher-Alaniz, has a new book out. And Saturday 12 November 2011 was the official launch thereof. A fitting date as the book is about Murray fisher's time in WWII, and therefore a Veteran.

Because both Karen and her Father live in Walla Walla, Washington, that's where the Launch was held. Not only was it held in their home town, but Murray Fisher came and signed books right alongside of Karen. To be honest, Rainy Day isn't so sure he's Karen's dad – he looks more like a Christmas Elf who escaped Santa's Workshop;-)

Murray & Karen at Anchor for USS Arizona

And, the signing was held in the Old Depot. Murray Fisher was the last man to work there when it was an operating train depot. He literally turned off the lights and locked the doors when he left. There are a lot of memories and history in that building. Today it is a restaurant (Jacobi's) and a gathering place for book launches and other community activities.

Rainy Day has a lot in common with Karen – they both write – though not the same genre, they both come from rail-road families (Rain Day's Grandpa Good used to be Chief Engineer at the Portland, Oregon Roundhouse; both her Dad and her Aunt worked for the rail roads – her Dad hated it, her Aunt loved it. Go figure.).

Book Cover
If you're ever in Walla Walla, be sure to stop at the Old Depot and look around. The food at the restaurant is good, too. Perhaps you'll luck out and be able to eat in the old dining car attached to the restaurant. (Photos were furnished by Karen Fisher-Alaniz and used with her permission.)

Now, Christmas is coming. It does that, annually, at the same time every year. And Rainy Day knows many of you wait until the last minute to even remember it, let alone think about gifts, so here are some ideas. Order now, and you'll have time to enjoy the Holidays. Yes, Rainy Day knows that Thanksgiving isn't here yet, but if you get your gifts now, you'll have time to read them before wrapping them. Of course, Rainy Day knows there will be books. There will be books, won't there, Gentle Readers?

Rainy Day's Suggested Gift List:

For the History buff, a copy of Breaking the Code: A Father's Secret, a Daughter's Journey, and the Question That Changed Everything –by Karen Fisher-Alaniz. It is available at your local bookstore as well as through Amazon.com. It is Memoir at it's finest. Read the reviews on Amazon.com

For the Young and young at heart, how about Yadh, the Ugly –by Lenora Rain-Lee Good. A story of the adventures of a girl who is different and how she learns different isn't bad, it is just, well, different. Available from Sam's Dot Publishing  or a signed one from the author at: (copy and paste) Lenora@LenoraRain-LeeGood.com

For the person who has everything, including the books listed above, a gift in his or her name of a flock of chicks, a hive of bees, a dairy goat, or anything else that Heifer International sells to help others less fortunate.   A gift through Heifer can help lift an entire community out of poverty. It is, truly, a gift that can, and does, change lives for the better. (One can buy shares of an animal, if the whole one is too much.)

For the Quilter on your list, a Fat Quarter is always loved and appreciated. (A fat Quarter is a quarter yard of quilting fabric cut at 18" x 22" instead of 9" x 44") The nice thing about FQs is the color and or print doesn't matter, it will be loved, cherished, and end up in a quilt. They truly are a 'one size fits all' type of gift.

And don't forget fine art and or photographs. Look to the right of this blog for some excellent artists and photographers. Yes, that's a hint. Rainy Day loves beautiful paintings and photographs.

Last, but not least, consider a Box of Love that holds coupons for things such as free leaf rake n bag; free babysitting while the parents use the gift card to a nice restaurant; a weekend away at a favorite hideaway with that special someone; coupons for dinner cooked and cleaned up by you; coupons for ten nights of KP duty redeemable on demand throughout the year.

Rainy Day hopes this list of suggestions has helped you to face the Holidays with a bit more joy and a lot less hassle. Rainy Day does her best to bring a bit of lightness into your life. She truly hopes she succeeds;-)

Do you ever make your presents? What do you make? Are your homemade presents for special folk, or everyone on your list? Oh, wait; all the people on your list are special, aren't they? What was the best gift you ever received?

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