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Rainy Day is my alter ego. She is the little angel that sits on one shoulder and whispers in my ear to forgo that 6" piece of triple chocolate fudge with the four scoops of ice cream on it; she is also the little devil who sits on my other shoulder and convinces me that I can eat just one bite of each and be satisfied, and then laughs with such great abandon when in fact, I eat the whole thing, she falls off my shoulder. Mostly, Rainy Day helps me see the humor in living and, mostly, she encourages me down the right path. Not necessarily the straight and narrow one (how fun is that?) but the path that offers the most adventure and fun.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rainy Day and the Flying Innuendos

Many years ago, Rainy Day attended a writer's workshop, where we each submitted 5 copies of whatever story we wished to have critiqued by a published author and each other. We each received copies of the other submissions, and we, too, critiqued the story. (Part of the idea of the workshop was to teach us critiquing skills as well as writing skills.)

Now, I don't know how many of you have ever been to a Science Fiction/Fantasy convention, known to all participants as 'the Con', but if you haven't you have missed a great deal of fun.

Cons usually contain 'tracks' -- three tracks at each con (some cons are exclusive, most are not). There is the Costuming Track where people make and wear their costumes (this track often includes movie and tv costumers), there is the Gamer Track where the geeks spend hours and hours and, well, the whole con shut in the gaming room, drinking energy drinks to stay awake and are seldom, if ever, seen by the rest of us, and there is the Writer's Track where professional writers sit on panels and talk about various subjects, and the wannabe writers, and the readers (whom we love, because they buy our stories and books) sit in the audience and listen and ask questions. Some even become groupies. Rainy Day, alas, has no groupies.

Rainy Day spent many years attending these cons, and has sat on both sides of the panelists' table. She now leaves cons to the younger folks, enjoying instead, the fond and funny memories.

Like the time, many years ago, referred to in the lead 'graph when she was in the 'wannabe writer' category and was asked to critique a story in her workshop group. Rainy Day won't go into the nitty gritty, but Rainy Day still laughs at the 'hook' of that story by another wannabe. "My partner and I walked into the tavern, it was filled with flying innuendos." 

Deceased Flying Innuendos Flocculating on Wall

Rainy Day, has, at last, found and photographed a flying innuendo, three actually, hanging on the wall in the Music Machine  in Kennewick. Washington! It took a lifetime number of years of thorough and painstaking research, thousands of miles of driving forth and back across the country, millions of pages of books read, but finally after all this diligent searching, she found some, quite dead and hanging on a wall. Nathan, the owner of Music Machine thoughtfully allowed Rainy Day to photograph them, hence this post. She had no idea they could be so beautiful. She always pictured them as being dark and slimy, with a nasty barb on the end of their nose and entered taverns where they might be flying with fear and trepidation. She had heard on more than one occasion they were even deadly.
Closer view of Jackson RR3 Flying V Guitar

Rainy Day doesn't know what happened to the writer of the story, and if she reads this post, Rainy Day hopes she won't be too upset. After all, every writer makes those kinds of, well, gaffes  sometime in their career. It is shameful only when they are made by established authors and not captured and put to other and good use.

What Rainy Day didn't know is, once captured, the Flying Innuendos give out a high pitched shriek, stiffen and die, and if  their hides are properly cleaned and treated, they can be painted wild and gorgeous colors, and have various sticks and wires attached, and become quite beautiful. And even useful.

Have you ever played with a flying innuendo? Was it fun? What do you think of Flying Innuendos? Do you think Rainy Day should open a tavern some place and call it The Flying Innuendo?

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